I’m sorry to report that I have Phantom Cell Phone Syndrome. It’s a disorder that affects three out of every 10 cell phone users. The symptoms are commonly subtle, but usually disturb regular daily activities. If you have any of the following symptoms, consult your cell phone related health care specialist.
  • Vibrating sensation near any pocket where a cell phone can be stored when no cell phone is present.
  • Hearing perceived “ringing sounds” when cell phone is not present or when no calls have been received. (This symptom is often reported as occuring when listening to music)
  • Compulsive need to check for missed calls or text messages.
  • Disturbances in sleep patterns due to “phantom phone calls” or calls that do not occur.
  • Perceived vibrating noises on desktops, in drawers, on tables, or other hard surfaces for no apparent reason.
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression when separated from your cell phone.
Boston University researchers found that people separated from their cell phones for two days showed signs of withdrawal.

PCPS is real. If you or someone you love is affected by PCPS, please get help.
Call 1-800-GOT-PCPS


Disclaimer: PCPS is not proven to exist. The statistics and symptoms in this article are experienced by the author and no other known individuals and have not been evaluated by the FDA, AAA, or AA. DO NOT DIAL 1-800-GOT-PCPS it is not a real hotline for PCPS sufferers. Please respond with a comment if you can relate or have experienced similar symptoms. Am I the only one this happens to? All offers void where prohibited by law.



20 thoughts on “P.C.P.S.

  1. I thought I was the only one that happened to. The sad part is, nobody ever calls me, so I’m not sure what my problem is.

  2. I got over it by putting a message on my cell and call it when I start to get the shakes. Is there any hope for us?

  3. Not only do I think my cell is buzzing (I only have it on vibrate) when its not, but I miss them damned thing when it does vibrate. Go figure!–Ron

  4. I hate my cell phones! I have 3 (Long story, don’t ask) that I use for work, and I am constantly trying to seperate myself from them. The only time I use one of them is to order pizza.I’m not sure why people think I’m so popular that they NEED to call me every 2 minutes? Clients, what are they good for?

  5. It sounds like a disturbing condition. I also suffer from restless leg syndrome so imagine how annoyed I get when I have to search all over for my phantom vibrating cell phone.

  6. I just have to say that for some reason this post reminds me of the little skit you and your mom used to do about being “special” it has been 15 years since I have seen you guys do it, and I still laugh and laugh and laugh about it! This ranks right up there! Great post!

  7. Hmmm…Regarding the comment left by mommygoingcrazy.It sounds like another excellent from Wonder Woman will be coming shortly!!!

  8. I used to be addicted to my cellphone. I did go through withdrawl when I cut myself off, but now that I have been cellphone free for over a year, I’m so much happier. If I’m home, people can call me there. If I’m not, they can leave a message.

  9. VERY WONDErFUL!thanks for reporting about this interesting disorder, i would have thought it affects more than just 3 out of 10….angelicaNDS Syndrome suffererhttp://dysfunctionalhousewives.com

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