Gotta Get Goals- Best, Exclusive & Over the Top

So, this is a meme… it’s my first meme ever, and I’m a little nervous. The meme was started by Alex, (click for full explanation & rules) and I was tagged by Jim at I’m forty-what??!! I’m to list 5-10 of my best, exclusive and over the top goals. Just so you know, all of my goals fit all of those categories. (in my humble opinion)

Here’s my list:

  1. Go back to school: I work at one. I get a great discount on tuition. I love to learn. Just gotta make the time and do it!
  2. Love myself better: This goal that is constant. One day I realized that I was loving other people more than myself and that I had never quite been satisfied with me. I discovered that I need to learn and remember to just love myself better- physically, mentally and spiritually the whole thing… ALL OF ME!
  3. Make writing a bigger part of my career: I’ve just begun exploring the world of writing and how I apply to it. I know that I love it… so I’d like to do it more often… and be able to love my job even more.
  4. Travel the World: I have never been outside of the United States. I have friends from all over the world: India, Togo, Thailand, Korea, China, Germany, Kenya, Australia, Holland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Tonga, Samoa, Micronesia, Italy, France, Japan. I’d like to visit all of them.
  5. Meet Jack Johnson: Jack’s music is like home to me. It’s a part of my soul. His music inspired me to learn to play the guitar. He’s one of my hero’s and to meet him would be amazing!
There! There are five of my current goals. As memes go, I’m supposed to tag a few people now. The official rules said I can tag as many people as I want… I’ll stick to the number of goals I shared.


8 thoughts on “Gotta Get Goals- Best, Exclusive & Over the Top

  1. Ah Crap! I was looking forward to kicking back and relaxing today! Now I gotta get some goals?No worries. After I make a few more pots of coffee I should be ready to go.Thanks for the challenge WW!

  2. Unbelievable… It’s so hard to find a tween soul. But I guess you’re my tween soul. Definitely. Let me say so. I’m talking about your “Love Myself Better” goal. I know the feeling.

  3. Except for meeting Jack Johnson, I could have written that list! I love that meeting Jack is one of your goals though! It shows your “sky’s the limit” attitude! Very cool!

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