Disjointed Glimpse: Morning, Noon & Night

All of the bones in the right side of my body cracked this morning…I don’t mean they cracked, they made a cracking or popping sound. Hip was the loudest, then shoulder, then neck, and elbow, and knee, and ankle. (Toes didn’t) Now, I’m afraid that I’m misaligned. I can just see myself walking down the hall and one side is slightly lower than the other. My head aches something fierce- along with my neck. My lower back hurts too.
I’m a big time user of the elipsis. I use it ALL the time! I think sometimes I use it where a dash could be placed, but I like it nonetheless.
My friend hit his head at work today. He hit it hard! Hard enough to make his head bleed. OUCH! I felt sorry for him, so I told him he could come to my house and chill after work. He and I made dinner; and let me tell you- It was some goood dinner! Quesadilla’s and Edamame- quite the combo- yes indeedy.

4 thoughts on “Disjointed Glimpse: Morning, Noon & Night

  1. wow*quite the day*i like the asterisk* as U can prolly tell!! ;))love chicken quesadillas & all Mexican food!!Cheers WW!! Billy ;))

  2. When I was a kid, I loved to crack ma fingers everymorning…that sound is so sonorous. It still rings in my ears. As I grew up, I made a habit out of it. Now it comes by impulse…I do it every other moment, perhaps when I’m not doing anything worthwhile, I’m cracking my fingers!!! But the bones are harder now and the sound gets diferent every 5 years…

  3. If cracking the cartilage in your entire body each morning and cracking your head open on a regular basis makes for an awesome dinner, maybe it’s worth considering making it a habit. :)Cheers on a good blog,Mr.Cytizen @ http://blog.footron.net/

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