Bloggy, blog, blog, blog…

Lately, I find myself trying to comprehend the vastness of the Internet. It really is mind boggling when you get right down to thinking about it. I will never, in my life time, be able to find everything out there that interests me.
I have one of those maps that shows me where my blog visitors are coming from… and they come from all over the world! My mom pointed out to me last night that I have always been a person who is attracted to diversity, and unique things. Maybe that attraction is what makes me love blogging so much.
I’ve recently connected with blog communities that I never knew were there! I used to feel pretty alone in the blogging world, because the only blogs I was exposed to were Mommy Blogs… and I’m not a mommy! (Nothing against mommies- many of the blogs I like are mommy blogs.) There are SO many corners of the Internet that I haven’t explored yet… I have no desire to explore some of them, of course, but I’ve found a new little niche.
I’m absolutely loving BlogCatalog! It seems like I found it at just the right time. Every day they add something new to their features – and I’m a total sucker for new features. They are driven by what bloggers like me request. I’ve also found MyBlogLog which is so huge, I could spend an entire day exploring it. In addition to that, I’ve met some pretty cool people too!
I just updated my “Cause to Smile” list… and every one of those links has made me smile. Each contact has brightened my day. In my opinion, these links are some of the best I’ve found. I’ll keep on exploring though. If I hadn’t explored in the first place, I would have never found such great friends.

10 thoughts on “Bloggy, blog, blog, blog…

  1. I also just recently found MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog and I am so happy that they led me to your site. You have a unique voice and I am very much enjoying your writing.Keep it up!Corinna

  2. I feel the same way sometimes. I could spend the rest of my life sitting here reading and still not scratch the surface of all that’s out there in InternetLand. It’s amazing. I’ll have to check out BlogCatalog – I haven’t wandered there yet!

  3. Yeah, at first I feel like give up because my blog is like in a lonely world but after I’ve joined MyBlogCatalog and MyBlogLog, everything has changed.

  4. Thanks for the BlogCatalog mention, We’re glad your enjoying all the new features were adding. and there are plenty more to come!-Daniel @ BlogCatalog

  5. yeah i’m overwhelmed by it all too*i linked about 50 Blogs or so from MBL & i haven’t even had a chance to do a return visit to many cuz there’s 20 new Blogs to check out everyday*crazy*there’s an amazing interactive site called – it searches the Web & finds random thoughts on people’s Feelings from all over the World – it’s unreal – the c0olest looking website i’ve ever seen – & there is a Ton of Depth to it!!Please check it out if U get a chance!!!Cheers! Billy ;))Peace*

  6. wouwh – i hope this mybloglog helps my blog to get some traffic and me to find some new friends too!you, wonderwoman are the very first blog i visited after creating my neighborhood widget and i REALLY like it – what drew me was your great wonderwoman pic! and i like the look and writing too!i just love the internet!happy easter to you,angelica

  7. I just found blogcatalog myself yesterday. Ive been blogging since Sept but really my blog experience has been limited to my friends. However joining blogcatalog Im finding awesome sites all worth reading!Great job and keep up the good work. Ill be swinging back! 🙂

  8. I came to your blog through Blog Catalogue. I use Mybloglog too but I find it has a ton of spam blogs and everyone running a spamblog wants to push you to make them a ‘friend’. I’d delete mybloglog but I have met a few real people there. I joined blogcatalogue yesterday.

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