Have you ever had one of those days where your mind is just blank? I do. I never used to. Now there are some mornings when I walk around like a zombie- and the weird thing is, I do things. I clean, work, and talk to people. When my mind finally wakes up, it’s hard to recall what the zombie me did. Isn’t that a little bit weird? Maybe I’m really in a state of sleep and I put myself on auto-pilot until my mind is ready to wake up. I know I’ve definitely had those drives home where I don’t remember one second of the commute, but there I am, safely home in my driveway. Maybe my mind’s not really blank either, maybe I’m just preoccupied with other, more important thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Blank

  1. Well when I can’t online my mind do sometimes feel blank. Does it mean I’m internet addict? ;)But if i think about boobs, my mind didn’t blank at all. I’m thinking very very clear at that time. hahaha

  2. I drove home once in the opposite direction, across a causeway 16 miles long. I enjoyed the view of the ocean, thought to myself how lovely the sunset was … and then it hit me..I had driven 30 miles in the wrong direction.. I called my wife… she laughed…You’re such a boob, she said. Yeh I said but I aint no golden bozo. 🙂

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