Still Single and Still Loving It.

Many times when I talk with people, (women especially) they ask me about my love life. I tell them quite frankly that I’m dating people, but no one seriously. Their reply is always, “Oh you’ll find someone, and he’ll be wonderful.” At this point in my life, that phrase is the last phrase I want to hear. Why don’t they just tell me, “Someday you’ll be good enough, but for now you’ll just have to survive.”?
I’m happy where I am. I know that eventually I would like to marry, but I know that I am a complete, intelligent and worthwhile person as I am- without a mate. I hate that it’s always implied that I need to find SOMEONE. I don’t. If I were to live my life to the best of my ability, accomplish long term goals I set, and be genuine in my dealings- and never meet my “someone wonderful”- I will have still lived a full life. I will have still lived a valuable existence, and my presence when it’s gone will still be missed.
I know, I know, I’m ranting a little bit. I just got home from a
family reunion. I have to take an anti-anxiety pill just so that I can survive those things. So, in an effort to get these feelings out in a healthy way, I’m blogging. (Oh the things I write on the Internet!) Forgive me for my ranting, but I feel better now… and now you know what not to say if we ever converse about my love life.

4 thoughts on “Still Single and Still Loving It.

  1. Well if you’re comfortable and happy with you life right now, so why not? I mean just enjoy your life right now and don’t rush to have a relationship as it will destroy your happiness as a single person 😉 Syaf The Geek

  2. Go ahead Wonder Woman. Enjoy life as it comes. Things will automatically fall into place. Go ahead!! Rant how much ever you want. Let out your emotions. There is no better place for you to do so than your own blog which is read by a group of good friends.

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