Keeping Abreast of Titillating Conversation

It’s a well known fact that men love breasts, but a lesser known fact that women do too. I must admit I am very attached to my breasts- ha ha – in more ways than one. I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have them. I don’t think I’d change them either. Lucky me.
There’s also a whole other language when you talk about breasts. They’re a big (and sometimes little) part of society. Here’s an example of some boob vocabulary I’ve recently picked up:
  • Titsie Rolls= the little rolls that bulge out at the top/bottom of your bra when it’s a little to small.
  • RT= Rock tit= hardened nipples
  • Napples= Big nipples w/rock tit
  • Milk Duds= small brown nipples
  • Pepperoni= large nipple
  • Torpedo tits= large breasts in a cone shaped bra
  • Breastimation= An estimation, often influenced by inebriation or equal mental hindrance, of a woman’s observed bra size from a male perspective.
  • Googly Eyes= Misaligned hardened nipples
  • Bee stings= small breasts
  • Spaniels Ears= Floppy breasts
  • Jungle tit= Flopsy, hanging, bouncing breasts (especially while dancing)
  • Breastitute= Woman who allows a man to touch her breasts in exchange for favors
  • Breastketball= game in which a girl in a low cut top is showered with assorted garbage aimed at her cleavage.
  • Brestiny= the fate of a woman with large, silicone breast implants
  • Boobalicious= description for anything that makes your breasts look better or bigger
  • Manzeirre or Bro= a bra for a man with large breasts
  • She’s got couple of good points about her= code talk for nice breasts
Synonyms for breasts: Jugs, Fun Bags, Tits, Titties, Boobs, Boobies, Chi Chi’s, Jubblies, Knockers, Bosoms, Rack, Hooters, Honkers, Magumbos, Melons, Waterbags, Happy Sacs, Dirty Pillows, Ta ta’s, Breasticles, Headlights, Gazongas, Cans, Chest-hams, Twins

If you have additional boob vocabulary or synonyms to add, please comment. (But try to keep it clean – if you know what I mean)


23 thoughts on “Keeping Abreast of Titillating Conversation

  1. You crack me up WW!I needed a laugh today, and thanks for providing it.I must admit that since my childhood, I always had a thing for Wonder Woman. Her ‘Truth Telling Lassoo’ or was it her Bullet deflecting bracelets that kept me in constant awe!Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Great Americans.I went out with an endowed woman in college who referred to her breasts as great Americans. As in…”There go a couple of great Americans.”Well it was funny 20 years ago. PeterH

  3. You know I think you should receive a lot of comments on this subject, because everyone has a definite opinion about the “twins” or the “girls”. As a woman I rarely notice another woman’s “honkers”, but if I am with a man that I know well he will usually comment on almost any womans “knockers” if we are in view of them for more than a few seconds. “Did you see that girls “headlights”, “she must be horny”. That always gets me that guys think just because you have “RT” that you’re obviously horny for some guy that you’ve been checking out. I never really noticed a guys privates until my sister said one day, (a long time ago), as we were walking past this guy and she said, “hanging to the left”. I said “what?!” and then she explained. Since then I have had quite a fun time noticing the fella’s in my line of view. Oh Ya! and another thing, Have you ever been talking to a guy and he’s looking right at your “wonderful orbs” and can’t look away while he’s talking. I feel like saying “they don’t talk bub”. Seriously this gas station attendant when ever I go there, even if I’m wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a coat he’s looking! I don’t get it. Of course I’m not a man and it is flattering, especially at my age. Go figure. There’s got to be something that gets us together.

  4. Wow..I’ve never thought that it would be a lot of boob vocabulary. Hehehe. But I like it and I admit that guys do like breast a lot heheh

  5. WW,How about something on the Wonderbra? That first revealing moment is always a little shocking. Sort of a bait and switch. Just be yourself, we’ll love you anyway.PeterJ

  6. LOL!!! OMG -I’m about to fall out of my chair laughing! I’ve never heard of a few of those words to describe boobies. I have an addition, albeit kind of stupid:Breastula(s)Dumb!Best post I’ve read all day WW, thanks for the laughs and your complete honesty regarding your ‘fun bags’. LOL! :0)

  7. Ha ha ha… these are great. PeterH, how ’bout calling that a “wonder blunder”? When, because of a wonder bra, you think they’re something that they’re not. I’m sure many “Great Americans” have been assisted by the Wonder Bra.

  8. You really had me laughing over those! As long as it’s not Wonder Woman, I think we’re good, but I really like your term/s.

  9. Erm, no pun intended?But some of us just look at breasts as platforms for the nipples… I hope we can say “nipple” on this network…

  10. i love bOObies*just sayin*some girl said i need more Chichi’s on me Blog*i thought she meant chix!!yer Blog has been a Wondahful resource fer me Wondah Woman!!;PPP

  11. This might be the last word on the topic, but somehow I doubt it. In today’s NY Times Book Review there is a review of a new book called Stacked: A 32DDD reports from the Front.Somehow I think more people will read this review than the very interesting piece a few pages later on Thorton Wilder. I don’t know, it’s just a guess.PeterH

  12. This is really funny. I won’t take comments here too far, but thank you for the laughs this evening; I needed this.

  13. I was trying really hard to find a way to “express” my thoughts on my “new” but temporary boobs. While feeding the new little baby late the other night, my hubby came up with a good one. “Boob and Go” This actually holds true for now while we can relate it to the frequent stops of my new born to fill up. And also to later when I am done nursing. There are here now, but when all done the will be gone forever! So now whenever I need to feed the baby my husbands says it’s time for a stop at the Boob and Go.

  14. A few regional variations:Australia: top bollocksEngland: baps, norks, bristols, mummies, devil’s dumplingsItaly: baps, norks, bristols, mummies, devil’s dumplings

  15. As a writer it is always hard to decide what to call them in my writing.Breasts: A bit clinical Boobs: A bit childishTits: A bit page 3 (The Sun newspaper in the UK has topless women on page 3)Now you have made it even worse with your list. I don’t know what to do!

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