I keep meeting people with problems- serious, serious problems. It’s like I’m a problem magnet and I feel like I have to solve all of the problems that are attracted to me. Maybe that in itself is the reason that they are so attracted. (That and my big boobs)
Last week I was thinking that I just needed to take a break from it all, like I needed to run away and hide from everyone and everything. Thankfully, today is a better day. My problem problem is a problem nonetheless. I just don’t know how to change… BIG problem.
Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
That man’s a freakin’ genius!!! So, I’m changing today, and all my problems will go away… without delay- perhaps I’ll pray. What do you say? I say, “we got to pray- we got to pray just to make it today,” that’s why we prey?



7 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. Hang in there WW. Change is sometimes good, and always necessary. Just ask me, I used to change so much I was a chamelion! But I finally found who I was, and realized I didn’t need to change anymore. You’ll find your way. Besides, your Wonder Woman after all!I also liked your last sentance. I think that thought almost everyday when things don’t go right.

  2. I just have to say even for such a short post it was one of the funniest i have read. well done.(at least i hope there was humor intended)Oh and the Albert Einstein Quote is one to remember. Maybe i could learn from that??? Hell its only taken me 30 years.

  3. I understand your problem completely. I seem to attract everyone elses problems too, and why, they say it’s because I’m a great listener –and my big boobs ;)! Anyway, a change sounds like a good idea, wish I could get one, unfortunatly no change is in my future. I shall remain in my problem rut and hope that eventually, they all go away and leave me alone!Enjoyed your writing, found you through Blog Catalog!

  4. Wonder Woman,Nice post. You know there is all this talk about energy and the law of attraction these days. Mostly it goes to being positive and you will attract similar positive people, eliminating the problem people.However, people will probably still be attracted to your big boobs. The Wonder Woman costume really does it for dumb guys.PeterH

  5. Good play on words WW, good that you see those problems comin’ at you so you can avoid them! It’s tough in the dating world isn’t it? I’ve been dating someone for a year, only to be dumped. So I moved on fast and it’s been more than well worth it.Sometimes though, a break can help clear the mind and let you see things more clearly.Change is as much a part of life as is death, so do change and it’ll likely be for the best. By the way – if all these jokers see are your boobs, they aren’t the right one for you of course!It’s what’s inside the cranium that’s most important… I say pray!

  6. Well I always remember what people say, you can be a good listener and try to help other people with their problem but you can’t even solve yours. Sigh.. Sometimes I feel it that way.

  7. You may have big boobs, but I am a big boob:) See, your problems dont seem so big now do they? I enjoy your blog WW…thanks

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