Interesting text

Over the weekend while going about my weekend activities, I received a text from a guy I used to date. I dated him for only a short period of time. (2 1/2 months or so) The last time I talked to him was Christmas Day. All communication stopped after that, and I wondered if he had dropped off the face of the earth. A few days after New Year’s Day I found pictures of his wedding on the Internet… pictures of a wedding that had happened between Christmas and New Year’s. BASTARD! I found out that he had been engaged the whole time we were dating. Needless to say, I was hurt, but I forgot about him. My only regret is that he married some young girl who HAS to be clueless as to what kind of man she married.
So, months go by and I’ve moved on, then I get this text. I told him he was an ass hole and he didn’t catch on for the longest time that I knew he was married. Then he tried to deny it, tried to tell me it was his evil brother, and then finally that the marriage had been “enuled.” He claimed that his wife couldn’t get over her x boyfriend. There’s a song about lies, I think it goes something like this: lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. (it doesn’t really translate well without the music) Anyway, I told the creep to leave me alone, and he did! (finally a creep who listens!)
I’ve also recently discovered a website called YouMail it’s the coolest nerdiest site ever! (Thanks Darrell!) It allows you to record personalized voicemail messages for different people who call your cell phone and are directed to voicemail. You’ll just have to check it out, but I must say that within the past day alone it has made my life SO much more peaceful. There’s a feature that allows you to “86” a person and they can never leave you messages again. So for all you with stalkers out there… this site’s for you!

4 thoughts on “Interesting text

  1. Wonder Woman,I was practicing guitar when I saw you visited my site. Thanks for the review. You are way more blog savvy than I. It must be all the Utah clean living.PeterH

  2. Men are dogs – a saying that far too many South African ladies use… all because men try to lie, cover it up and get in up to their noses. I like to believe I’m a decent guy, I try hard to keep one girl happy, can’t imagine balancing more than one…Nice writing!

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