A Girl

Once upon a time, there was a bright, pretty, intelligent girl. Her eyes were deep and reflected the knowledge, love and beauty of her soul. As this girl grew she shared and shared and shared all that she had to give.
She made many friends and experienced life to the fullest. There were many, many happy times. She never, however, expected that by sharing her gifts, she would be hurt in so many ways. She met many people in many difficult situations, and as she matured, she realized that this was life: Hard time, after hard time and then when all seemed lost, a glorious ray of hope, happiness, and love would shine down through the clouds.
Most of the time this ray of hope was enough to make it through, but as time went on, the girl grew weary. It seemed to her that no matter how much she gave, it was never enough. Soon she realized that her own needs were not being fulfilled. She had spent a lifetime taking care of people she loved, for she loved easily without placing judgment. At the lowest point in this woman’s life, she had family and friends to help her through. It was at this point that she realized that no matter how her friends tried, what they were giving her wasn’t enough. She had to help herself.
From that point on she realized that her helping and sharing with others could only go so far. She could not conquer their trials, she could only assist as they struggled through. At times it was hard not to be bitter though. The woman wondered at all she had done, and asked herself whether any of it had been worth it at all. When friends and lovers betrayed her, or left her alone, she wondered why she had even bothered. It was at these moments in her life that she would despair, alone and rejected and hurt to the core.
“What can I learn from this?” She often would ask.
At some points she hated everyone she knew.
“Am I being selfish? Am I being weak? Am I allowed down times, and doubts?”
There were days when she’d go and hide from the world and sleep in her bed for hours on end. On the good days the woman would try and progress and get better at taking care of her own needs. On the bad days however, she couldn’t make it out the front door.
The woman who once was a girl grew inside. She realized that in order to love others, she first needed to love herself. It is very difficult to love yourself when you’re out of practice, and maybe it is all the time. But she learned this and lived with the love for herself in her heart. Her love for herself was the sunshine in the darkness, and whenever she felt lost- she remembered that love.
She knew she could not be selfish, and by nature she was not. So, she continued her journey of sharing and loving, and by doing so, made the world -at least her little corner of it- a little bit nicer to live in.

One thought on “A Girl

  1. The times that that woman was at the lowest were the times that she learned the most. At the times that she was highest were the times that many learned from her. We are all here to help eachother, and even go through some bad times to know that there are good. That little girl has grown to be an amazing woman, the entire world can see that but herself. When looking in the mirror doesn’t help to see what you are looking for, try picking up the phone.Love you!

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