Struggling with the task of trying, exacting the effect
Straining, paining, time is waning
– no use blaming

Loving with an unsought bliss, trying hard to be direct

Connecting, joining, fighting, righting
– love is biting

People come and people go like seasons passing by

teaching, reaching, preaching, leeching
-relations come and some die screeching

Profound thinking, not recalling as the good times fly
Playing, paying and delaying
-meditate on what I’m saying
Sinking slowly, rising quickly all within a breath.
Never thinking, never knowing, never showing
– the strain is growing 

Life is living, life is dying. All live life and all live death.

Living, loving, crying, dying
– life is trying

Life is trying.

4 thoughts on “Trying

  1. Hey there… nice page. nice rocks. you tired? Where’s my cake? Holy cow, you have a LOT of scrips running on your page. your website trumps mine, but I am still the bigger nerd, (6’6″) so there.

  2. Hey Wonder Woman! Nice Blog 🙂 I like the way you compse things. Much more artistic and meaningful than I. I’m bookmarking you. Bill

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