Careful Driving and Crazy Rantings

I brushed at least 6 inches of snow off my car before driving in to work this morning. The roads were slick and some roads weren’t even plowed yet. I drove cautiously. I only saw one crazy driver facing diagonal in the middle of an intersection, so it was a smooth drive. Just as I turned into the parking lot- I stopped for a stop sign, because that is what I was taught to do. (I genuinely thought all people were taught to do this) I then took a look in my rear view mirror and there was a crazy lady shaking her fists, pulling out hair, and mouthing swear words that I don’t care to mention, all because I stopped for a stop sign. The funny thing was, She had to walk next to me through the whole parking lot and act civilized. I gave her an evil eye at first, but then when she wasn’t looking, I smiled and pushed her down in the snow. I didn’t laugh though- that would have been mean.

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