Oh the joys of V.D.

So, this is a heart, or part of a heart and I don’t know anything else about the picture, but it seems valentinish enough for me. I love using the term “V.D.” rather than Valentine’s Day, because I know that I don’t think “Oh! Valentine’s Day!” first thing when I read it. I’m very neutral this year when it comes to this day. I have no special Valentine, and I’m not bitterly saddened by my singleness. Although it is nice to celebrate love. I wish that Valentine’s Day wasn’t generally thought of as a day for sweethearts. I wish it was a day that promoted love for all. You know, like a good will toward men, women and children day. I don’t like that it’s just another excuse to sell candy and gifts for retailers. So, yeah… that’s my take on Valentine’s Day this year. Any questions?

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