“Well, she always HAS had bad taste in men.”

“Every one in the family wanted me to go over there and saw his head off.”

“If I ever see him, I’ll castrate him, fry it up in a frying pan, and make him eat it!”

“You don’t have to save him.”

“Oh what was HE doing over here?”

“You should seriously get a restraining order.”

Nuff said, I’ve had a rocky history with my romantic relationships.

Recently, I’ve been trying to evaluate myself and my relationships to figure out why I’ve “always had bad taste in men.”
I know that I’ve always been a very caring person, and as the oldest child in my family, I’ve often taken on the role of nurturer. I used to cry when my siblings got in trouble. I always took care of my younger brothers while my parents were away, and I’ve always been a natural leader. I’ve also discovered that in the past, I’ve been drawn to needy men. Men with addictions, or mental problems. I’m a natural nurturer and connector and so I think their vulnerability, and needy-ness helps me to conect with them on a deeper level and also nurture them as I feel I should. PSYCHO. I’M PSYCHO.

I’ve been called the angel of change. I’m very good at helping people through the hardest of times and difficult changes, but in a romantic/marriage type relationship I shouldn’t be the helper. I need a partner, not someone to take care of. How can I learn to have partnership relationships? I’m a natural leader, taking on responsibility and giving direction naturally. So, I need to find someone I can respect, that’s the number one thing- and who in exchange respects me.

re·spect (rĭ-spĕkt’) pronunciation
tr.v., -spect·ed, -spect·ing, -spects.

Click on the link above for an elaborate explination of respect as provided by Answers.com

IN BRIEF: An attitude of admiration or esteem.

“The respect of those you respect is worth more than the applause of the multitude.”
— Arnold H. Glasow

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