Going through the motions… kind of.

This morning I woke up, got ready for work, and put myself on autopilot for the short drive to my office. At about the time that I normally get to work, I realized that I had driven past my turn and was well on my way in the entirely wrong direction. I rather slowly recognized my surroundings, and with much luck found myself heading back in the right direction without causing an accident.
My employers are really locking down and enforcing our attendance policy, so there was no way that I wanted to be late. In my rush I parked in a pay lot before discovering that I had no form of payment whatsoever. OOPS!

Cut to my imagination:
Speaking to one of my co-workers, “Yeah, my car may have a boot on it, but it’s mine. (Short Pause) Well I leased it, so it’s not really mine, and I can’t drive it, but you know….um yeah, can I get a ride?”
End of imagination sequence.

At least I was on time !
You can a drive a car with only three wheels… right???

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