I've been suffering…

from depression and anxiety. It’s really hit me hard this winter.I was so high at one point, so happy with life and then I crashed. I can honestly say this is the lowest I’ve ever been. I’m doing a lot of things to try to improve. I’m on medication, I’m going to therapy, I’m trying to get out there and be with friends and family, and I’m trying to just live my life better. It’s really hard to even function. That is why I was inspired to write this:

While pills serve their purpose, I understand that they are not always good. But man, am I digging them for being used for the purpose they are meant.
I thought it would be a little weird, just to post the picture with the little blurb about pills, but with this post, I think it makes a little sense.

I hate to write when I’m not feeling well, and I hate to show my weaknesses, but I’m writing with the hope of facing my problems, sharing what others might not be willing to share, and finding out more about myself in the process.


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