Christmas ended up being VERY nice and VERY relaxing. I was able to sleep a lot and satisfy my new found need for endless sleep and spend a lot of quality time with family and friends. I got my shopping done on time and satisfactorily completed my “Christmas List” by 3 am on the 25th. So, things got done and I was happy with the result. I’m still trying to kick the staph infection in my throat…yes you read right… IN MY THROAT!!! Nobody’s ever heard of it and I am truly a medical wonder. I wish I got paid for all of this wonderfulness!
On another note, I’ve once again proven to myself that I have horrible instincts about men. (DAMN SCROOGE!) I may have to become a nun or something. Hey maybe I could be the flying nun! Is that a good movie? or is it a TV show? If it’s not good maybe I’ll be like a super hero nun or something. Yeah- something like that for sure. I can’t just be plain ol’ Mary from the habbit. Mary’s my sister’s name anyway. So, yeah… I guess I’m open to suggestions on that.
I love you all and wish you the Merriest!!! (sorry for being scrooged)

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