Every year at Christmas time my Dad and I watch A Christmas Carol. It’s great… and now I’m feeling scroogalicious because I haven’t taken the time to prepare for the wonderful Christmas holiday. And all I can say is…. well, schit bitch!!! I don’t even know what I’m to do. I’m tired. I’ve been sick since before Thanksgiving and I need a holiday cocktail-which I’ve been having a few of lately. Yes that is what I need, and that is what I shall have. But I shall have no lunch today because I have no money and a doctors appointment to go to. So I will spend my lunch at the Dr. Office- loving every moment of it of course. And I will keep in mind the face of that ever loving scrooge up above. HOW I LOVE HIM!!! (I said that with wide crazy eyes rolling about in my head -just so you know)

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