The Consistent Climb

It’s interesting to look at the cycles of my life. Right now, I’m in a growth stage. I love my growth stages, because that’s when I’m learning and excelling the most. I always hold myself to the standards I achieve during my growth phases, and in a way, I think that’s why I tend to be so hard on myself.
The single most life changing goal in my life right now has been to love myself better. I’ve tried to apply this goal to everything in my life. I realized one day, that I was loving others much more than I was loving myself. Society had trained me to never be satisfied with my body especially. I was in great physical shape when I was in high school, but I couldn’t see my beauty. Nothing has ever been good enough, and I decided to change that. I decided to be happy with what I have and love it all- even if it’s not perfect. I decided that constantly feeling bad about a couple physical features is just ridiculous, and that putting myself down because of a few imperfections was seriously damaging my esteem and my reputation.
My logic is that if I truly love myself then I will take care of myself. Thus far in my experiences, it’s proven to be true. If I love my body, I want to take care of it. I take the time to eat something healthy, to work out at the gym. I find it worthwhile to get ready in the morning and to buy myself professional looking clothes when I need them. If I love my spirit, mind and personality, I don’t put myself down. I constantly look for ways to increase my happiness and reach my goals. I have a natural desire to help others see the best in themselves too. I never anticipated the effects that loving myself would have on me socially. I’m more confident and put together. People recognize me and value my presence.
It is a constant effort to take care of my mental and physical needs. It’s especially difficult, because I have neglected them for so long. I’m amazed that it’s taken me this long to realize what I need to do for myself. I am truly grateful that life is all about growing and that it is possible to change and get better.

One thought on “The Consistent Climb

  1. That was an awesome entry. You are awesome!!! I love that you are coming to those conclusions and you inspire me to do the same. Ilove you my Becca!!!

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