• I am wearing red underwear, and I am thinking about writing all of this down as I sit here staring at my computer screen.
  • I worked all day (from 8 to 5 with an hour lunch at noon) and after work, my dad took me to Burger King. He told me he’d buy me anything I wanted… from the dollar menu. We picked up my brothers from trax, then I made them kick ass grilled cheese sandwhiches. (patent pending) After fixin’ food, I went home and here I sit.
  • I can be very attractive if I want to be, and on a bad day I would say that I’m somewhat attractive. So, I guess you could say that I think I’m an attractive person.
  • I didn’t do anything REALLY BAD today. The worst thing I did was surf the net at work. (I know, I’m a rebel)
  • When I was 19 and living in Hawaii, I always watched the Disney Channel. I had the biggest crush on Joey Lawrence. Mmmm… still do. But I watched that one show with the Lawrence brothers on it almost every day… Brotherly Love! I never watch the Disney Channel now because I rarely sit down to watch TV for the sole purpose of watching TV. It’s when the TV is already on that I get drawn into programs that others are watching.
  • I try not to get jealous, but sometimes I am. I’d like to think that my life is just right for me because, well… I’M ME!! Sometimes though, when someone gets something really nice or when I see two people who are truly happy together, I do get a little jealous.
  • Most of the time, I’m happy just to be with the people I love.
  • I don’t bite my nails.
  • Right this very second, I’m a little tired- but content.
  • I’ve never had an eating disorder… unless you consider over-eating a disorder. Then America has an eating disorder- a huge, enormous eating disorder. (super sized)
  • I have no desire to see someone right this minute. I’m happy alone, right here where I am.
  • I have a few deep dark secrets. (If I spilled them here, they wouldn’t be secrets anymore now, would they?)
  • I can’t bring myself to hate anyone… well, maybe 1 or 2 really bad people.
  • I love hugs. If I could hug everyone without it being weird, I’d do it right now.
  • I’m probably one of the most loyal people I know. Any friend of mine is a friend for life.
  • I’m not in denial, and if you said I was, I’d deny it!!!
  • I would so totally rather be having sex right now.
  • I have a few best friends out there and you know who you are.
  • I have consumed alcohol on occasion.
  • I have a huge crush on Jack Johnson. I hate to think of what might happen if I ever got a chance with him though. I’d almost prefer to admire from afar.
  • Honestly, I don’t think anyone “likes” me, but who knows? Maybe I have a couple stalkers out there.
  • My romantic prospects are non-existent at the moment.
So there you go… a bunch of random stuff just FOR YOUR INFORMATION.

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