It's the Little Things

Here are some little things that just make my day!
  • Waking up in the morning to the sound of children’s laughter outside my window, as they talk to their dad who is taking them to school.
  • Finding and meeting someone who lives in a house that my great great grandfather built, and sharing a common appreciation of history and it’s ties to us.
  • A courteous night time driver who shuts off his lights when he realizes they are blasting me in the eyes at a stop light.
  • My one year old niece when she grabs my hand to lead me anywhere she wants to go.
  • Serene moments in nature: on a lake, under the stars, on top of a mountain, in the pouring rain, or in the silence of a snowfall. Moments where I’m at peace, in awe, and grateful for the natural miracles everywhere.
  • Snuggling up in a blanket and watching a movie with someone I love.
  • Seeing a dad give total attention his kids, not caring if he does look silly or that everyone knows that his children are the world to him.
  • Happy people in a car – even in traffic, laughing and just enjoying the company of those around them.
  • My nephew.
  • That giddy feeling I get when I find a new love, whether it be a person, song, hobby or idea.
  • Seeing a good friend after any extended period of time and picking up right where you left off.
  • Witnessing someone learn something new.
  • Driving on the North Shore of Oahu with the windows down, the smell of the ocean breeze, and the feel of the cool, salty, humid air on my skin.
  • Seeing my Grandma and Grandpa flirt like they’re still dating after almost 60 years of marriage.
  • When a stranger takes the time to hold the door, or just say hi as I walk by.
  • Knowing that someone loves me because they remember little insignificant facts about me.

What makes your day?


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