True Story Part 10

Dristi had once told Eric and I of a friend who had tried to help her before. A friend who like us, stood up to Frank. Eric, grasping for hope, decided to go find this friend. I don’t remember her name, but I do know that by the time he found her, she was a little crazy. Not crazy like Frank, but Frank had probably caused her craziness. She wouldn’t talk much, and acted like there was a lot that she feared to say. She looked like she was on drugs or strung out, and I’m sure that she was. Finding her addicted was sad. Her story was a cautionary tale. Bottom line, learn from others and move on. There was nothing we could do for each other.
Frank’s insanity was taking a toll on all of us. I rarely even saw Dristi anymore. I dreaded the drama of just hanging out. Dristi and the Girls moved in with Eric. While Eric was growing to love these new children in his life, Frank was finding more ways to make their lives a living hell. He closed all of Dristi’s (or Rani’s) bank accounts and put the money in his own account.
One day Dristi told me that her baby was gone. “No more baby” she said. I’m pretty sure she lost it, but I never knew for sure. Losing the baby was, in one way, a relief. No longer was there an ever present, overwhelming worry for the well being of the unborn child.
I’d like to give you a fairy tale ending. I’d like to tell you that Dristi married Eric and they all lived together happily ever after, but they didn’t. This is the True Story. Eventually, Dristi and Eric both gave up. I had given up too. Dristi and her girls moved back to India. Frank continued to be crazy, but finally left us alone. (I think) Eric had a really rough couple of years after Dristi left. He’s just now turning his life around and really living again. I
feel lucky, and for the most part, I just feel like the storyteller. Writing this all down has been hard, therapeutic, and worth it. We are all different people from when this True Story started. If anything, this story shows how life goes on. Times are hard and things get crazy. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? Who knows what the future will bring?

One thought on “True Story Part 10

  1. You are a gifted writer and should definately persue, if not a career, this talent that you have. It was all very riveting and enjoyable reading. Keep believing in yourself.Love, Mom

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