True Story Part 8

If you think I had it bad, you’re wrong. Dristi was receiving the brunt of Frank’s “Frankness.” (ha ha) Things were much worse for her. Dristi and Eric had been very open with Frank. They presented him with their situation the day after he got home. When Eric and Dristi continued to see each other, Frank physically tried to keep Dristi from leaving the house. He bugged Dristi’s car so that he could hear what she was saying when she was out with other people. He lied to her daughters and tried to manipulate them too. They were too smart for him though. He was so bad, they actually started calling him monster.
Frank took away Dristi’s phone and made her quit her job. She had been studying to be an R.N. and he caused her to miss her the test for that too. He wouldn’t let her sleep, he threatened her with her life and threatened to sell her 10 year old daughters as prostitutes in India. He used everything he could against her, and you could see glee in his eyes while he was doing it.
Frank encroached on Eric’s life too. Frank sat in front of Eric’s house at all hours (when he wasn’t stalking me or torturing Dristi) in his car, honking the horn and threatening him repeatedly by phone. He took it upon himself to make fliers and distribute them to Eric’s neighbors. The fliers said something like this: Your neighbor Eric So and So at this address is a home wrecker. He is destroying my family unit. Please contact him at 555-5555.
It was around this time that the police got involved.



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