True Story Part 6

One thing was clear, Dristi had friends who were willing to help her.
After comparing notes Eric and I were scared, but we felt a little more prepared. We both thought that Frank and Dristi’s step father had killed Rani for her money, and we both thought that they were using Dristi and her similar appearance to her sister to obtain the money and land that Rani had rightfully earned.
They had Dristi right where they wanted her. She was trapped with Frank if she wanted her Visa. If she went home, she’d have to leave Eric and likely be beaten to death. And now Frank had Dristi’s daughters and their well being at his disposal. Everything was coming to the surface like a bad dream. Dristi had told Eric that her step father was also behind her real father’s death. To me it appeared that her stepfather had his eye on the family legacy and was slowly picking off heirs.
The deck was stacked against us.
The time was nearing when Frank would return with Dristi’s daughters. We all anticipated the arrival of the girls with excitement and Franks arrival with dread. Dristi and Eric worried about their baby and tried to decide what would be the best course of action. I tried to fill my days with the prospects of a new apartment, and actually moved in next door. I spent a lot of my time avoiding the thought of what might happen when Frank came home.
Dristi and I had to go pick him and her girls up from the airport. It wasn’t a coincidence that I made plans for the evening that didn’t include Frank. I was gone as soon as they hit the front door. It may have been cowardly, but I had no desire to face Frank with Dristi that night. I knew that She and Eric had plans to confront Frank the next day, so I left it to Dristi and her daughters to face Frank alone that night.

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