True Story Part 5

I was beginning to get scared, not only for Dristi, but for my own safety. With no solid facts to go on, I imagined elaborate schemes set up to exploit naive women- international rings of evil people in conspiracy to make women who had money and few ties disappear. I started talking to everyone, telling them everything I knew about Dristi’s situation. I figured that the more people I told, the safer I was. I wasn’t going to be a girl with no ties.
I talked to Eric (Dristi’s new boyfriend) about the situation. We tried comparing notes, comparing stories, comparing theories.
Eric was in love with Dristi, and willing to do anything to get her out of this crazy situation. He had the same fears and concerns that I had, but talking to him wasn’t as comforting as I had hoped it would be. In fact no one I talked to offered much comfort or advice.
All of this was happening while Frank was away. It seemed to me that while he was gone, we ought to be able to come up with a good plan. But we were running out of time, and I had my own life and relationships to deal with. I couldn’t put my life on hold. If I had, I’d have been no use to anybody. My plans to rent the apartment next to Dristi’s remained the only strategy to get Dristi away from Frank- not far away, but away none the less.
It wasn’t long before we all found out news that would add to the drama of it all. Just as I had invested time in my relationships, Dristi had invested time in hers-and she had proof. She was pregnant with Eric’s baby.

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