True Story Part 4

Now, I don’t know if my own conclusions were valid theories or the unfounded imaginations of a paranoid girl. I’ll let you be the judge of that. I will try to objectively sort through the clutters of my mind to give you the story as I remember it. Because- as I said before, this is where it gets really complicated.
Our conversation weaved through the summary of Dristi’s life, I asked questions, and always ended up more confused than before I’d asked. It seemed to me that Dristi herself was confused. I was trying to pull together pieces of what seemed to be a mystery taken straight from the pages of a novel. Bear in mind that we had somewhat of a language barrier. Dristi did speak English, but it obviously wasn’t her native tongue, and I had no knowledge of the Indian language whatsoever.
By the end of the conversation, I had a lot of theories, but very few facts.
I knew that I was living with a girl from India. Whether her name was Dristi or Rani- I did not know. I did not know where her sister was, how she disappeared, or if she was even alive. I was beginning to thing that Frank had married Dristi to cover up a disappearance and perhaps when he had what he wanted, he would make Dristi disappear too.

I was pretty freaked out, but I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to believe everything that Dristi was saying. She was a good friend to me and I wanted to be a good friend to her. I told her that she didn’t have to stay with Frank, that I would rent the apartment next door, if he would let her stay with me. That way, she could be close enough to Frank to satisfy the law as it applied to her Visa. Being, a natural citizen, I was thoroughly confused by the Visa laws and how they applied to Dristi’s situation. Dristi was confiding in me and asking me to help. I was in way over my head. I didn’t know how or where to even begin trying to help.

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