True Story Part 3

I asked what was wrong, and it was like I opened the flood gates. Dristi told me most of her life story in one sitting.
She said that in India, she was born into a royal family. When she was very young her father passed away and with him died her own royal heritage. Her mother remarried and had other children. It was Dristi’s only wish to be accepted by her new father and family and she worked diligently, cooking & cleaning for the family, and going to school each day. Still, she felt like an outcast from the moment her father died.
At the age of 14, Dristi’s parents arranged for her to marry a much older man. She was terrified of the man, and he was not gentle or kind. Yet, she grew to love him over time. One day she came home to find another woman in her place. Dristi’s husband disowned her and she moved back to live with her mother and step father.
Dristi was an enterprising young woman. She started and maintained an enterprising business and gave all the profits to her family. After all of her hard work, one day she decided that she would like to buy a car. She came home to let her family know, and her step father and brother nearly beat her to death. It was at that time, she told me, that she married Frank. (who happened to be one of her stepfather’s friends) He brought her to the U.S. and in effect saved her life.
But no, Dristi’s story does not stop there. Dristi had a sister that was very close to her in age. Dristi’s sister, Rani, had come to the U.S. 2 years before and was a nurse for the University Hospital. Sometime right before Dristi came to the U.S. Rani had disappeared. No one knew where she had gone.
Now, this is where the story gets really complicated. Dristi’s theory was that Frank and her step father had killed Rani for her money. Rani owned property and had savings- Dristi didn’t tell me how much, but she eluded to the fact that it was a lot of money.
I know, I didn’t mention this before, but Frank was studying to become an insurance agent before he left. He spent most of the time I knew him working towards this goal. Dristi looked an awful lot like her sister, and I was starting to draw my own conclusions.

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