True Story Part 2

Yeah, he was a total freak.
Let me give you a little background to this story now.
Prior to moving into my new apartment (next door to Frank & Dristi), I lived with Dristi. We’d actually lived together for the previous 3 months. While Frank was away in India visiting Dristi’s family and picking up her twin daughters, I lived with Dristi to help her learn the basics of living in the U.S. I taught her how to pay bills and helped her find her way around town. Dristi and I knew each other through work and had become friends. I barely knew Frank; I’d met him once or twice at the house. One night when I was at their house for dinner, Frank asked me to move in and help Dristi while he was gone. So, there you have it. That’s how I got mixed up in this mess.
When I moved in, I discovered that all wasn’t as it appeared. (as is the case with most things) It started out when Dristi confided to me that her husband wouldn’t sleep with her. And she didn’t just mean he wouldn’t have sex, she meant that he literally wouldn’t sleep in the same bed with her. Frank claimed to be Buddhist, and also claimed that he was studying to become a Buddhist monk. She said that he had told her to date other men, that he’d be happy for her if she did. It started getting weird when Dristi received puzzling phone calls for him from a woman claiming to be Frank’s wife. Wait… a celibate Buddhist monk? married to 2 women?? Then we found porn in his DVD collection.
Dristi met and started dating someone new within’ a couple of weeks of Frank’s departure for India. I was also dating someone new, and although it was weird at first, we all started going on double dates together and just hanging out together in general. We were becoming a pretty tight knit group of friends. Dristi & Eric (her new boyfriend) and Mike (my boyfriend) & I were going out together nearly every weekend.
One night I came home to a very emotional Dristi. She was depressed and it looked like she’d been crying. I sat down at the table next to her and got ready for a long talk. I was in no way prepared for what I was about to hear.PART 3 TO FOLLOW…


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