Artists with GUMption

The other day, I was in the break room at work, and I saw an article about this guy who makes the most amazing pictures out of chewed gum. WEIRD~ I KNOW! But I’m a sucker for weird stuff.

So I did some research, and it turns out that this guy who makes the pictures doesn’t even like chewing gum, but he gets other people to chew it for him. His name is Jason Kronenwald and he has a great gallery on his website (Gum Blondes). You can visit his gallery by clicking on gallery. Anyway, his art is really amazing. I like it.

While researching Jason, I read about Ben Wilson, this guy in London who’s going around painting those darkend gum blobs you can find on nearly every public sidewalk in the US- and I guess London. (But not Singapore) Gotta CHECK THESE OUT and THESE, all pictures of his fine mini works of art. (Picture by StefZ)

Ben Harben has been making pictures of reality TV stars out of gum since 1998. I like the colors he uses. His art looks kind of like a photograph where the color has been skewed all crazy or something. (technically speaking)

And last but not least, I submit for your viewing pleasure the artwork of Jamie Marraccini. Jamie has some amazing sculptures– yet another artistic way to use gum. He also does pictures, but they’re not at all like the art of Jason Kronenwald.

I’m kind of reminded of that one Starburst commercial where the guy makes a sculpture of the girl he likes out of Starbursts and then takes a big ol’ bite outta the sculptures face. You remember that one? Anyway, this art is way better than that, but the memory brings a smile to my face.
All of these, you’ll just have to check out for yourself- if you don’t then you’re just missing out dadgummit!


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