Happenings happening here like crazy

So, I have a new job and a new roommate. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat down and written a post for the blog. My blog anibirthary is gone and past, without a single post in celebration. SAD! I’ve been pretty busy, really lazy, and I just haven’t felt like writing much- that and my computer is temporarily in my roommate’s room. Bummer dude! But, I like my new job MUCHO and I like my new roommate too.
I may be able to buy a car before winter comes and retire my VW Rabbit aka The Wild Mouse. We’ll just have to see though.
I hope all is well with those out there who stop buy to read this, and I promise to write more and more often. I’m moving my computer this weekend!!! Yay!
Hasta la vista babies!!!!

One thought on “Happenings happening here like crazy

  1. Good to have you back. We are glad that things are moving along for you. And we’re very glad that you like your new job. Right on!!! That is always nice.

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