Enjoying Discovery and Adventures

It’s been awhile, yes I know. I have been away and enjoying life as it happens. I’m learning to love myself and accept things for what they are with a giddy anticipation of becoming a better, stronger person. I’ve remembered the part of me that loves adventure and exploration. I revel in the newness and profound joy that comes from finding truth. My exploration has just begun, but progressed so much- mentally, physically, emotionally, socially… It’s even reached some of the many crevices of the internet.

It all began with searching for people out there that might be a little like me, or enjoy my same interests- also with getting an iPod. I’ve discovered a few bloggers out there that amuse and educate me to my endless delight. That’s the beauty of blogging- continuous opportunities for change and new, interesting ideas abound.

I’d like to share some of the things that I’ve found:

Heartache with Hard Work is a music blog. I don’t even remember how I found it, but Charles has definitely shared his love of some great music that I doubt I could have found without him. You can play most of the songs he really likes right from his sight, but the songs are just snippets of the work of some really talented musicians. I discovered Voxtrot there, and within a week of discovering them, I was able to see them play in Salt Lake City. It was amazing! I Googled them to try to find more info and discovered they were playing that very night not too far away.

Pruned is a blog dedicated to the intricacies of architectural landscape. Pruned has shown me intriguing glimpses of subjects that I love to delve into and explore. I have discovered some great sites for just hours of viewing pleasure there. I’ll let you do the exploring yourself here, but man, I mean MAN!!!!

Everyone needs some comedy relief every now and then, and I’ve found some here at the blog called: The Dormitory Boys.

They are two hilarious Chinese guys who do a mean lipsync routine, tackling songs in their native tongue and English too. I think they’re getting pretty popular, because they’ve had some trouble getting permission (copyright stuff) to proceed with their last project. I fully support them nonetheless. The entertainment is priceless.

I was looking for information about the amazingly talented Zach Braff (of Scrubs and Garden State) and stumbled upon the serene music of Joshua Radin. mmm… I’m in love! He has his debut album newly out in stores- definitely buying that CD. He has a mellow harmonious sound that at times reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel, but is so different and unique at the same time.

Rocks, rocks are SO cool! I love them. I collect them I just like them a lot. Anyway, my adventures have lead me to the photography of Bill Atkinson. (best known as the author of MacPaint) Bill worked for Apple Computer from ’78 to ’90 and is now a full time photographer. I like the rocks a lot. His other photography is great, but did I mention that I like the rocks A LOT?

Another photographer I’ve really enjoyed is: Michael Wolf. His photos are taken mainly in Hong Kong and I love the subjects he’s chosen. Definitely check it out. The first thing I looked at was his Architecture of Density series. Pretty cool stuff.

Guess I’m getting a little long winded. I’m entitled! It’s been awhile! (hehehe)

These are just some of my internet discoveries… Imagine what I’ve discovered in real, flesh to flesh life! I’ll share bits and pieces of those experiences and scatter them through time. Good to be back, good to be alive!


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