Happy Tax Day! (United States)

There’s really nothing quite like standing in line at the post office, after dark on the only day of the year that they stay open until 11:59PM. I’ve only done it once before, but I’ll never forget it. I think it was 1997 or 1998. I did my taxes on tax day and made a trip to the post office. I wasn’t expecting what I saw. It was like suddenly being in a different world. There were lines of cars and lines of people. There were huge lights at one end of the parking lot illuminating the front lawn and lot in front of the post office on that magical night. Postal workers were carting piles of mail straight into the back of a huge truck. When it was finally your turn at the front of the line, they postmarked your letters right then and there so you could know and certify that your mail was mailed on time, at the very last minute, but on time.
I went to the post office tonight, but there wasn’t a line inside, in fact it was quite empty. There was, however a line of cars pulling up to the mail boxes that are lined up out front. I guess things have changed a lot in these past 9 years… Man I’m starting to feel old! I’m sure most of the last minute people filed their taxes on line.
Anyway, technology has changed, and continues to change the way we do things. Many times I take the technology we have for granted. In just reflecting back on the past few years though, I see how fast we’re moving. I know if I even blink, I’m going to miss something new.
In the United States, we are SO blessed! It baffles me to think of the opportunities we have at our finger tips. In reality, most of us are only kept back by our own laziness and lack of ambition. We have so many things that others only dream of. I know that I take many of the things that I have for granted. It takes determination to fight the battles of the mind, but it is truly worth it when goals are reached and greatness is acheived.
I look back at the things that my ancestors have given to me, and I know that their battles were hard. I know that they suffered physical trials that I’ll never have to face, just to get to a place where they could worship as they chose. They built houses, churches, roads and railways. They started schools and businesses. The were lawyers, farmers, midwives, laborers, store owners, and mothers and fathers. They lived and strove for a better way of life with each action. I wonder if they ever thought of me, a relative living a hundred years after they were here?
One of my favorite sayings is: “The world was not given to us by our parents. It was loaned to us by our children.”
I know I started out writing about tax day, I may have gotten a little off subject, but I’ve realized a thing or two in the process. There are things I will do that no one will remember. In a hundred years, no one may remember my name. I do know though, that there are things that I will do in my life that will leave a lasting impression on the world. Times are fast and things happen quickly. I don’t want to forget the efforts of those who lived in days past, I want to continue their journey. I hope I pave the road to the future as well as my ancestors did for me.

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