This is My 96th Post- Maybe I'll do a top ten…

This weekend has been great. (Top ten reasons)
  1. I had a girls night celebration at my house on Friday. We had microdermabrasion facials, ate, talked and watched movies. Time with the girls is always time well spent. It was great!
  2. I stayed up late, slept in till 11, then went to breakfast with my mom and aunt.
  3. I’ve taken plenty of naps this weekend too!
  4. My cousin had an egg dying party on Saturday night and it was pretty fun! (Especially when you consider that a bunch of grown ups were sitting there dying eggs!)
  5. AND today is Easter!
  6. I received an Easter basket from my mom – er I mean the Easter Bunny with a dish rack and everything! It was the most thoughtful Easter basket ever!
  7. I celebrated with family tonight at my grandparents’ house.
  8. We had some super good food, and
  9. I ended the night with a movie.
  10. The only way that this weekend was going to get better was by blogging 😀 So, here I sit typing away.

Things are good. Good Night!


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