Thanks To My True Friends

Did you ever think that you, yourself, would go through a “dumber than a box of rocks” stage? From the outside looking in it’s so easy to judge someone who is going through a difficult time and making some pretty apparent stupid choices, but when you’re on the inside it’s just not that simple.
Some people might say that I’m recovering from a dumber than a box of rocks stage. From the outside looking in, I’ve made a lot of pretty stupid decisions over the past couple of years. From my perspective the story’s a little bit different. I believe I made the wrong decisions, for the right reasons. Which hardly makes sense to me now, even as I’m writing it. I believe in living life by what you feel and staying true to yourself and what you know is right for you. I know that there is a definite difference between right and wrong. I believe that we are living so that we can experience life for what it is, so that we can live and make mistakes, but mainly so that we can learn and grow.
It has been SO DIFFICULT for me to come to this conclusion. It’s easy to say, especially when you’ve been taught it all of your life. When it came down to it though, I always tried to hold myself to a higher standard. I’ve always expected myself to be perfect. I didn’t allow for mistakes. Even though I was taught that we should learn from our mistakes, I didn’t think I should make them- ever! I have learned a lot over the past two years, and I have made a lot of mistakes. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: We all inevitably make mistakes, it’s how we learn from those mistakes that makes us who we are.
This outlook has given me a whole new perspective on life. There was a time when, from the outside looking in, I often thought, “How could that person be so dumb?” I view others with more compassion and understanding now.
My family and friends have been so patient for me during ALL THIS TIME. I look back, and see nothing but support, love, and concern for my welfare. They have been here for me through it all, even when I didn’t make them a priority in my life. I can truly say that I am a better person today because of their patience, support, and understanding. I would not be who I am today without the love of my true friends.

3 thoughts on “Thanks To My True Friends

  1. I can tell you my dear that some of your issues were due to the fact that you put others before yourself sometimes and therefore didn’t take as good of care of yourself as you should have. You are one of the most caring, sweet, considerate people I know. I’m sure you probably gave those who love you most a somewhat difficult time, but sometimes it’s difficult for us because we see you taking care of everyone else but yourself. Stay true to yourself, take good CARE of yourself and be assured that we – your family and friends – love you dearly no matter what. I am so blessed to know you and consider you my friend.

  2. Amen to “my kids mom”. Also people need to quit being sooooo judgemental. Live your life, true to yourself, and let others do the same. We all have different paradigms. Life is good and enjoyable when people with similar paradigms are around us, because they understand us and we understand them better. But there’s a lot to learn from others. Let’s just all try to get along and not force others to view life from our perspective, or feel the way we do. They will have their own experiences and eventually if they have enough of our experiences they will understand where we are coming from. I love people!!! We are all so different. I just don’t like being around some and I like being around others, because we are either more on the same page in our growth and likes, or not. I hope I’m making sense. Anyway, like I always say…Live and let live.

  3. If we didn’t have trials how could we truly know what happiness is? Each and every trial makes us a stronger person. As for me I am very grateful for every heartache, every tear, every once of critizism that has come my way. I do beleive that it has made me have a stronger heart. I feel that I have learned a lesson from every trial that I have gone through. There is a small down fall though. If we are aware that something isn’t good for us, the longer we justify it the more it becomes hurtful to us. There comes a point that you need to listen to yourself and see what is best. We need to put ourselves first and foremost before others. If we don’t then we will never truly be who we want to be and who we are meant to become. I know that in my life I would have never made it out of many of my ruts if it weren’t for listening to the advice from people that love me and from people that have “been there”. I am happy to know that you have surrounded yourself with people that can love you no matter what your choice! You will be able to help someone someday from what you have learned and how you have grown!Love you Becca!

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