Happy Birthday Duncan!

The day Duncan was born; I came down with Chicken Pox. I was four years old. Mary was three and I gave her Chicken Pox too. (I’ve always liked to share) I remember being so sad that we couldn’t go see our new baby brother. Mary had hoped he would be a kitty, but I remember clearly that I knew he was going to be a baby. Mary and I couldn’t even go home until we weren’t contagious any more. So, Duncan got Mom all to himself the first couple of weeks of his life. I bet he was surprised when he found out that he had two older sisters. From the moment we were able to see our sweet little brother, we adored him. Although we were three and four, Mary and I got to hold him all the time. In fact, after some practice, we carried him everywhere we went when we could. Duncan and Mary had a special relationship from the day we came home, and I remember her carrying him on her hip all over the place- even though he was probably more than half her size.

I remember when he got to be old enough to sit up and move around a bit by himself, we would put him in the big cardboard diaper box and push and pull him around the house. He loved it SO MUCH- and so did we. It was like his own little cardboard car.
Duncan always loved guy stuff: cars, cowboys, tools and guns.He had cowboy pajamas and cowboy boots. During one phase of his life, he refused to wear any other kind of shoe. He even wore his cowboy boots with shorts. I remember talking to him one day and he said that cops were bad guys. I’m not sure why, maybe he was an outlaw when he played at being a cowboy.
He’s always been a natural mechanic. He had a real tool set when he was really little. He’d go out side and hammer nails into wood and build stuff all the time. One day when my dad took apart the back door to fix the automatic window on our Suburban, he was having a hard time remembering how to put it together. Little Duncan came out and said, “Oh, I know how that works.” and pointed out what went where. Good thing Duncan was around! When Duncan was sixteen, he bought an old Camero; actually it was more like the shell of a Camero. He had to rebuild almost everything there was in or on that car, and he did it all by him self. That’s ambition! He rebuilt it and registered it, drove it around for a bit, and then sold it. But it was his and he built it. I was so proud!
He has always been able to make me laugh. He’s a natural comedian and has a corny sense of humor that makes me laugh every time. He’s great at remembering funny movie lines after seeing a movie only one time. He’s especially good at doing impressions- the one’s he’s done of Jim Carey are the impressions that stand out in my mind. In fact, people used to call him Lloyd because he quoted Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber so often.
Duncan’s been through a lot of changes in his life. He went through his cowboy phase, an original- make your own clothes phase, a Lloyd phase, a punk rock phase, a lacrosse phase, and now he’s all grown up. He found the love of his life, Annie, when he was probably still in junior high. The Annie Phase is truly one phase that he will never grow out of, but he has grown into it naturally as he has matured. They are married now, and have a beautiful baby girl, Summer. Naturally, she is their world- and a big part of mine.
Now that Duncan’s a grown up, married, daddy, I don’t get to see him as often as I would like. I still love him a lot. I’m impressed with his sensitive spirit and how fast he just grew up. In some ways, he’s a lot more grown up than I am.
Duncan, I love you. I’m glad that you’re my brother. It is an honor to look back on a life filled with your happiness, your originality, and your laughter. I hope this birthday is wonderful and that you have many great birthdays to come. You’re presence and example helps our family in so many ways. You are loved by all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Duncan!

  1. This is a wonderful history of you, Mary and Duncan. This blog is a great way to write your history. It helps bring to mind the neat experiences you had growing up. I love you Becca. You are doing a great thing with this blog. I appreciate it a lot.

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