The Best Job Ever, originally uploaded by becca2theg.

Upon examination, I decided that this man is a wonderful, insightful, picture of a successful business venture in one of the busiest cities in the world.(New York City) I gave this guy money because he made me laugh.(that, and I support Kung Fu)He totally made my day! And if you take a good look at the picture, you can see that he’s wearing some pretty nice clothes. I appreciate a good laugh, I enjoy seeing the creative products of other peoples’ imaginations. I really like people who don’t follow the beaten path, not because they’re trying to be different, but because they’re trying to be themselves. That takes ambition, and from ambition comes success.


4 thoughts on “Ambition

  1. That was a GREAT day! Ya, he’s got good clothes, but he definately looks like he’s on drugs or an alcoholic.

  2. I agree. We need to take our own road, be our own person, and make life ours,our own way.P.S.Maybe he’s just really tired from trying to be a kung-fu master and thats why he looks strung out.

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