Blog Therapy

It’s nice to be able to relax and write whatever comes to mind, it’s therapeutic really. Growing up, I always kept a journal and through that experience I learned to write freely about whatever I was thinking. It’s really funny now to look back on some of the things that meant so much to me back then, and also to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned. The blogs that I enjoy the most are written by people who write freely without caring about what other people might think. They also see the humor in life and are able to make me laugh when they write about it. A lot of them are blunt and to the point and I like that too!
I’ve struggled a little with my blog, and deciding what to write about. For a long time, everything seemed too personal. I was worried a lot about what other people might think. I’m slowly learning to relax and just let things kind of flow. I’m also having a lot of fun! It’s been a worthwhile endeavor. I’ve learned quite a bit, and I keep learning more everyday. My best friends are always here helping me to learn and supporting me too. I love to check “my blogs”- the blogs I follow every day. They cheer me up and make me laugh, and remind me that I’m pretty normal! 😀 – kind of;)

5 thoughts on “Blog Therapy

  1. One of the reasons that writing helps us so much is that it provides an outlet to all the pent up emotion that we build up. We are a very private society and there are both good and bad reasons for that. It is good because a lot of people prey on others are and looking for ways to exploit others. It is bad because no body talks to each other. We all mind our own business and we’re even mean to people who do try to talk to us!!!!! Anyway, so writing has a way to help us get out some of that emotion when we just need a sounding board. A blog is a good way to do that because, outside of your friends, nobody knows who you are. Now, no one but my friends read my blog and then it’s only like two of them!! Anyway, I just agree that blogging can be theraputic. Write on!!By the way, you have got to show me how to do that cool flickr picture thing that you have on the main page. That has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen.

  2. What?!! I’m one up on engineeringnerd???!!! I can’t believe it!(I’m just a little competive by nature) I will gladly show you how to do the flickr thing. It’s called a flickr badge on flickr. I bet you can figure it out from there, but I would be happy to chat you through it :D. I completely agree with you about writing and I’m gonna use your phrase more often. I like it a lot! WRITE ON!

  3. I know many peoples use to blogging as therapy. In one of my on-line works I open an psicologic blog: Analisi Transazionale ( In this Blog I write my experience as volunteer in 4 years of my life. We worked with some kind of persons with many jind of problems. I see that the love and the affect is THE FIRST THERAPY. And I’d like that all the world know that. Goodbye from Italy. I’ll write you to make an exchange of our Blogs links.

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