Now you can get to my site by typing “” in the address bar. I know you all have it on your favorites list already, but this is for those people who have a hard time remembering “disjointedintelligence”, let alone remembering how to spell it. Who knows? Maybe my family will check out the blog every once in awhile now. šŸ˜€ (I’m getting techy-er by the minute)
I also added a link so that you can see my pictures all in one place on flickr… and if you’re reading this and think it sounds familiar, maybe you read Rob’s family blob sometimes too. He’s the one that educates me on all of this fun stuff.
Oh yeah! You can send emails to me by using email addresses like: or AND I’LL GET THEM!!! How cool is that?? Anyway, I’m totally stoked, and I’m stoked for the FUNK & GONZOshow this weekend.

So, YEAH! There’s an update for you! What did YOU do today???

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