I took a trip down memory lane tonight. I went to my brother’s, friend’s band practice. When I was in high school I was a groupie for any band that happened to practice in my friend’s basement. I listened through probably 3 different bands and at least 5 different band names. I remember that the window was broken where they practiced and I spent many a chilly night squished and cramed onto a couch by the broken window and behind a broken water heater. If only that water heater had worked!! I was freezing, and I couldn’t hear a thing afterwards, but it was fun!
I had forgotten, until tonight, the amazing energy that comes from listening to good, live music played by people you know. In highschool I was always too self concious to really let go and enjoy the music head nods and all, and tonight I found myself slipping back into that mode. Once I did let go though, and just relax, I had the greatest time.
So, the band is called Funk and Gonzo, and they’re really, really good. I dig their sound. They’ve got tallent and they’re all great people. Check them out: FUNK & GONZO (click on link). They are playing at Music Go Round just off of Fort Union Blvd. on Saturday night. I’m going to try to be there. You should too. 😉 



  1. Oh the band practice days! It was so much fun! It is so funny to think about those days! I remember that feeling that you were describing. It was really cool to huddle on the couch and not do anything but listen. (well I guess we goofed around a lot too!)It was really cool to go to DV8 and listen to them play at the battle of the bands! I think we got most of the school there too.By the way, my little commercial for the battle of the bands on the morning announcements got me my only trip to the principal’s office!

  2. hahahahahahaha I really enjoyed providing the music and waterheater for you guys. Shannon, sorry about the principles office but that commercial really was super cool!!!

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