The Superb Tranquility of Yet Another Long Weekend

There’s nothing like knowing that you can sleep in until 2 pm if you want. I love sitting up at night and just doing whatever I want to do. Watch a movie, play on the internet, go out with some friends and enjoy! Stay out as late as you’d like, and don’t worry about having to be somewhere sometime soon. It’s the freedom of the weekend, and to truly enjoy it, you have to know what it’s like to be committed to something every day of the week. I used to work weekends and holidays and I never had paid vacation. The only benefit of working was the pay- which wasn’t great, and wasn’t consistent. I truly felt like a slave on some occasions. One December I worked 12 hour days every day of the month- except for Christmas. I didn’t buy presents, I didn’t celebrate, I slept and worked and slept and worked and then slept and worked. I think the reason I stayed there for so long, was that I was in control of the atmosphere around me. I supervised, I set the mood of the day, and I had some great friends to work with. But now that I have weekends and state and federal holidays off… I savor each moment. It’s wonderful.

One thought on “The Superb Tranquility of Yet Another Long Weekend

  1. Amen. I just recently got weekends off. It’s great. I’m still working on the whole holiday off thing (for about 6 years now) but I won’t give up.

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