Blood, guts, glory and love

I was close enough to see his badge glimmering in the street light. It was a dark night and I had run into his arms willingly. I knew he would protect me, protect me from those who were trying to hurt me. He grabbed hold of me tight and jumped into the ditch off the side of the road. The car speeding towards us swerved back onto the road and its tires screeched as it turned the corner and sped out of sight. I heard the crackle of a radio and the man with the badge reporting the license plate #, make and model of the car that had nearly run us down. I was in shock, I couldn’t speak, and I was shivering from fright and the wet cold ditch water we were lying in. The man with the badge helped me up and he walked me across the street. He grabbed a blanket from the trunk of his car and helped me to sit down in the passenger seat. He poured me hot chocolate from his thermos. “Here, have some of this,” he said, “it should warm you up a bit.”
“How’d you know I like hot chocolate?” I said, still obviously in shock. He laughed, closed my door, walked around to his side of the car, got in and started it up. He turned on the heat and then turned to me. “So, why don’t you tell me what’s going on? Why does someone want to turn a beautiful girl like you into road kill? Just what kind of trouble are you in?” I was beginning to feel warmer, but I was still shivering. I thought back on the events of the day and everything came back to me all at once. “They still have Sally!” I screamed. “We have to go get her! Where’s your back up? Why are we still sitting here! Lets go! Lets go RIGHT NOW!”
Reno, Nevada’s a pretty tough town and I could tell Sergeant Williams had seen his fare share of the ugly side of Reno…
UMMMMM…Just kidding! That’s not what happened! But what a good story ay? I was in Reno for two days and I’ve definitely decided that the Casino life is not for me. But I did enjoy my time off work and time getting to know my cousin, his partner and his newly adopted Canaan dog. It was great fun! We passed the Arm Pit of the world, I saw a drug deal go down in the parking lot, and I got a pedicure! Now, how’s that for adventure?! It’s good to be home.


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