I is what I is…

and proud of it. I’m definitely a people person. Within the past year and a half I have discovered this, and I like it. I’m unique and different-most people call it weird. (But weird is different and everyone’s different, so if everyone’s different then, everyone’s weird, which makes it normal to be weird- right?) But when I connect with a person and they actually understand and appreciate my personality, sense of humor, or even a play on words, I treasure the reality. I treasure the opportunity to connect with others on a level that’s personal and real. I savor a moment of true understanding and camaraderie, that moment when you know people ARE people and we are all related in one way or another. Understanding is key, and if we are able to find a common link, then it’s easier to understand one another. I like to think of people as generally good. I give most people the benefit of the doubt, and unless they prove me wrong, they deserve that. I hope that others give me that same opportunity, and if they don’t… well, then they’re missing out. We are all so closely linked that we can’t afford to ignore the common ground. We can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to make the world a better place through our relationships with others. We make the world what it is, and each act, each gesture, each breath we take affects the rest of the world for good or bad. The affects are far reaching and long lasting. I love this life and much of the credit should go to you. Thanks.

One thought on “I is what I is…

  1. You are the most sincere, caring about others person I know! I am blessed that you are my friend and I know that you actually care when you ask how my day is going! Thank you!

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