The herd gathers 'round to eat at the corral- once again

On the first Monday of every month, my dad’s side of the family meets somewhere for dinner. They rotate and one after another, each sibling and the parents get to choose where to eat. For the past three or four months, the choice has been: Golden Corral.
I find this a little disturbing- for just a few reasons:
  1. Just the name “GOLDEN CORRAL,” doesn’t it sound like you’re putting the cows out to pasture?…
  2. To quote good ol’ Merriam-Webster, the definition of the word corral is: “a pen or enclosure capturing or enclosing live stock.”
  3. And doesn’t that imply that the people who eat there are like big fat cows trapped in an “enclosure” with nothing left to do but eat, and eat, and eat some more, so they can be nice and big and juicy for when slaughtering time comes around?
  4. One of the staples of Golden Corral is… STEAK (Is this some sort of conspiracy?)
  5. Golden Corral has a lot of STEAK just sitting around being grilled for people to eat.
  6. Did I mention the STEAK?
  7. Just what sort of enormous creature are we being turned into “livestock” for?
  8. I’d also like to point out that they have ice cream, never ending, continuously flowing, soft serve, ice cream. As a friend of mine pointed out this evening: “There’s ALWAYS room for ice cream, when you think you’re completely full, it fills in the cracks.”
  9. Oh and we wouldn’t have ice cream if we didn’t have COWS.

Do you find something eerie about all of this??? I dunno, at least I’m in good company, right? But I don’t want to be a fat cow… maybe I already am…and yet that seems udderly impossible… ha ha ha. I guess I’ll moove on now. It was filling food and great company…even if I am a fat cow.


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