**Meet Borris**

Borris is my new, well lets just say- we’re “dating.” He’s awakened a part of my soul that I never knew was there before. I’ve felt love, and I know what love is, but our relationship is so pure and true I can’t believe I ever lived my life without him.
Borris is a boxer from Ukraine, he attends the College of International Combat in Helsinki, Finland. He was in Utah for a conference and we met at the Baskin Robins near my house. We both ordered a double scoop of Quarterback Attack ice cream. We started chatting, and found that we both believe it’s best to eat dessert first! He asked me to dinner that night, and well, the rest is history. I must say, his charm is disarming! (and isn’t he good looking?!)


3 thoughts on “**Meet Borris**

  1. He seems REALLY attractive. I like this whole thing about eating our food after the treats. I have one concern…… He looks kind of abusive?!?!?!?! Watch out for that!!!!!!!!

  2. I am a (out of the closet) single anorexic Ethiopian. I work at an Ethiopian restaurant where I only work for tips. The menu is very simple, it consists of food items people only wish they could eat. I got one tip the other day that made me think….huh? The tip was, “Baskin Robbins is hiring”. Which is why I’m responding to your BLOG. I noticed you mentioned Baskin Robbins too. Well gotta go.- Skinanbo’

  3. Hi!!!!I am sooooo excited to have found your BLOG!!! My name is Gretchen Hersbig from Sweden and I saw the picture of Borris and really felt a connection. I KNOW he is taken!!!, but I was wondering if he had a brother or a very close cousin, or perhaps a manly sister who likes BIG girls from Sweden. I give GREAT massage if you know what I mean!!! I have had no complaints in that department. Please respond soon as, Papa and Mama are getting set to marry me off to Hans the butcher who loves pork rinds and brewskies (Ha-Ha-Ha!!!) I make joke. No for reallys, do send pictures. Yours in message and messages, Gretchen (I am PUNNY! NO?)

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