It Could Always Be Worse

There’s a book I picked out at my Reading is Fundamental day at school in 3rd grade. It’s called “It Could Always Be Worse” It’s a great story that I’ve referred back to thousands- well, at least hundreds-of times throughout my life. It’s a wonderful picture book with a good moral.
It’s all about a farmer, his mother, his wife and his six children who live together in a little one room hut. The farmer’s problems start there, and life is bad. He goes to his rabbi for advice. Through events brought about by the rabbi, things progressively get worse. The poor farmer thinks surely the rabbi must be crazy. With each turn of events more problems and stress occur. Finally, at the end of the story, the rabbi gives the man the solution to all of his problems. He’s left again to live with his mother, his wife, and his six children in a little one room hut; his life is “good, quiet, so peaceful and nice.”
A lot of life is about perspective and appreciating the good things that you do have. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that- it could ALWAYS be worse, but it’s worth it to enjoy the side of life that is good, quiet, so peaceful and nice.


One thought on “It Could Always Be Worse

  1. Well said. We are always living in the future. It is nice to enjoy everythng we have right now. I’m sure that we all have something going for us.

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