A chalking event!

I’ve been chalked! Last night when I went out to the parking lot of my apartment I found chalk art that read: “Rebecca Happy B-day!” It also had a large bunch of balloons, a picture of a taco, cereal, an arrow pointing to where a tire had been, and a large I “heart”you.
Last night I went to see the play, “Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror” Following Holmes’ lead I have made the following deductions:

  1. The game is afoot!
  2. The suspect knows my name and that I have a birthday coming up.
  3. The suspect watches the weather and knew that the evidence would be destroyed quickly.
  4. The suspect has or had sidewalk chalk.
  5. The suspect can write and draw and had some extra time on their hands.

As to who done it, that is elementary my dear What…ever your name is. I suspect the maid.


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