Just another day on trax. This guy has all the gadgets: suspenders, cell phone (clipped to suspenders), mp3 player (in front pocket), palm pilot (in palm), glasses strap, name badge… am I missing anything?
There are always such breath-taking views on trax!!!
You’ve gotta love the crowd.

Yeah, what a morning!


4 thoughts on “TRAX

  1. I like to take the bus because I don’t have to see all the great views. I just see the back of the next guy’s seat. I am able to concentrate more on what I am reading or thinking about. The bus works much better for me!!!! Bus forever!!!!!

  2. I forgot to say how cool that guy with all the gadgets is. Man. I could never be that cool. At least Julie hopes I never will be.

  3. You could totally be making fun of me there, and not even know it!!If my free time, I double as an old man the carries all kinds of gadgets while I am on trax.

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