Are you working late!?

Yes, yes this is my desk, and I AM working late. I’m slaving away at this messy desk, and I do not intend to go home on time for the rest of this month. There was a time this week when I thought all was lost and that it wasn’t even worth trying- things were much worse then. Recent developments have helped me progress in leaps and bounds. I am more grateful than words can say to those who go above and well beyond the normal responsibilities of their daily routine to dig me out and rescue me from the rubble. Now, I will survive.



One thought on “Are you working late!?

  1. I can echo the feelings of being overworked. Even when you love what you do it can be taxing when you spend too much time at work. The big issue is to get the work done and it really does help to be part of a good team.

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