This is me driving the Great Monster Chuck (GMC)
If you know my dad, you know trucks like this. Huge beasts or just plain ol’ clunkers, these are the vehicles I was raised on. If you see me driving this down the street you betta LOOK OUT!

3 thoughts on “WAHOO!!

  1. I remember hearing the stories about all the mechanical problems you had with your trucks. I remember the truck that spew fumes into the cab and sounded like a tank. I remember the time your wheel fell off. You should probably carry on the legacy and only buy clunker trucks.

  2. I think I kind of am carrying on the legacy, although not with trucks. I just bought a cute little VW Rabbit for $100. It’s seen better days. I’m really excited to drive it though. I’ll keep you posted on its progress towards registration.

  3. I was wondering if you drive. You got to ask me why. Well one morning I saw you behind a steering wheel in a truck and you got me thinking. Well the smile I know is the same one I saw on the truck.

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